Mobile App Builder for your Ecommerce, starting at 49 € per month

Increase your sales, build customer loyalty and send push notifications for free with the Native iOS & Android Mobile App of your website.

  • Easy to configure
  • Customizable layout
  • Automatic syncronize your store
  • Ongoing assistance and maintenance
  • App Store and Play Store listing included

Frequent questions

How are subscriptions managed?

The plugin installation on your Prestashop backoffice is very quick & easy and don’t requires any technical knowledge. You can install the plugin as any others plugin for Preastshop.

What happens to my app when a new iOS or Android OS version is launched?

Our team of app developers are constantly making improvements to the apps, by adding new features for free and updating the app for the latest versions. So don’t worry, you can just sit-back and relax with any new updates.

Are there additional costs?

No one! But if you want to publish your app into the app stores using by your own Apple & Google developers accounts you will have to buy these licence: Google Play Developer license for $25 one-time fee and Apple developer license for $99 per year.

When do I start paying for my app?

When you’ll complete your App Mobile configuration you will able to choose the subscription plan thats fit your needs to generate e publish your app. Your first payment will process at end of the trial period.

How long does it take to publish the apps?

If the configuration was successful, app publication takes about two working weeks: the first for generation and testing of basic functionalities of both apps and the second in which, once everything is confirmed, we will send the app for approval and wait the technical times of iOS and Android teams.

Is it possible that the app will not be published?

If the configuration has not been done correctly, it’s not possible to send the app for approval and therefore proceed with publication. Make sure you have correctly followed all the required steps. The publication of the apps could be rejected for the following reasons: (A) The application is not comply with the guidelines required by App Store and Play Store; (B) questionable content or considered illegal. NB. Typically, applications are rejected if they involve smoking products and if they encourage the consumption of tobacco, vaping products, soft drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol, as stated in the store guidelines.

Is it possible to have a demo of my app?

You can download our Demo Manager app for iOS and Android by clicking on the relative links, scan the QR code generated within the module on your Prestashop backoffice and you’ll be able to see a fully working demo of your Ecommerce directly on your device. It is also possible to view a quick preview during the module configuration, to give you in real time a graphic correspondence of your parameters.

Will the app and my ecommerce site be synchronized?

The app will be generated with the basic features of a Prestashop Ecommerce (catalog,product list, search, cart, registration, login, user profile, supported payment methods,couriers, etc ...) perfectly synchronized with your E-commerce. Being fully native apps every custom modules must be analyzed separately for the integration.

Is it possible to publish the app using my Apple and Google Developer account?

Yes, it is possible by subcribing the “Advanced” plan.