Mobile App Builder for Prestashop Ecommerce, starting at 49 € per month

Increase your sales, build customer loyalty and send push notifications for free with the Native iOS & Android Mobile App of your Prestashop website.

  • Easy to configure
  • Customizable layout
  • Automatic Prestashop sync
  • Ongoing assistance and maintenance
  • App Store and Play Store listing included

Why build an Ecommerce App?

With your Ecommerce Prestashop Mobile Apps you can easily:

Increase the orders of your Ecommerce site and retain your customers

Send promotions and news to your customers thanks to free push notifications

Offer a faster and more efficient smartphone shopping experience

Stand out from the competition by offering an innovative tool to your customers

Automatic configuration and sync

No technical knowledge is required!
You can configure your Ecommerce App directly from the Prestashop control panel by entering the name, logo, and description of your App.

Automatic real-time sync

Thanks to synchronization with Prestashop, all your Ecommerce data will immediately be visible on the app.

Products (including photos, descriptions, prices, quantities, features, and discounts), categories and sub-categories, customers, delivery companies, cart regulations, etc., of your Ecommerce Website will be automatically imported and always updated in real time within your Mobile App!

Customize your Ecommerce App

Make the appearance of your Mobile App unique by freely choosing the graphic layout, main colors, and contents. You can see the preview directly from your Prestashop backend!

Home page

Choose which products to show on the homepage and insert banners to promote categories, offers, or other content

Categories catalog

You will have available two different layouts to illustrate your Ecommerce categories and subcategories

Products layout

Set the product layout within the categories; you can show one product per line or a grid view

Navigation menu

Configure the type of navigation for the app by choosing between a side menu or bottom bar menu

Official colors

Choose the main colors and perfectly align your App with your brand identity

Icon and logo

Upload your logo to better illustrate it in the splash page and set it as the official icon of the Mobile App

Use the power of native language

Unlike other services on the market created through Web frameworks, with the Mr Shop module you can get a real iOS & Android mobile app created in native language by our expert mobile developers.

Stability and speed

The native language allows for better loading of the contents and greater security of sensitive data and personal information

Consistent high performance!

The Ecommerce Mr Shop Apps ensure faster browsing speed than any other website optimized for mobile devices!

Lots of features for your Ecommerce

Discover the many features available to your Ecommerce App created with the Mr Shop module

Product search

Use the search engine within the Apps to find the desired products

Login e registration

Login and registration features perfectly synchronized with your site

Push notification

Send promotions and news through free and unlimited push notifications


View the contents of the Mobile Apps in the languages set by the Prestashop site


Change the currency by choosing from the options included in the App configurations

Payment Methods

Integrate the most used payment methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery, etc.


Use the Google Firebase panel to view Mobile App stats

Presentation pages

Use the CMS pages on your site to present the store to all your customers

More than 15 payment methods supported

Discover all modules already supported in the app

How much does it cost?

Tailor-made development of a Native iOS & Android Ecommerce Mobile App can cost thousands of euros,
but with the Mr Shop module it can be yours starting at

49/ month

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Over 200 Ecommerce Mobile Native Apps made!

Be inspired by some of the Native iOS and Android Mobile Apps created with the Mr Shop module.

What they say about us

Read the positive reviews posted by our customers on the Prestashop Add-ons marketplace

Console Mania & Games

Truly very professional and helpful. They created an app according to our needs. A really great App developer for Android and Apple

Diginet Store

Excellent module with TOP assistance!

MyItaly 24

Competent developers, and always available for any clarification or type of assistance; true professionals


If you want to develop your Ecommerce site App, you must absolutely buy this module. They have an incredible assistance service!


Great support! They are the best! What more can I say? GREAT JOB!

Skate Passion

Application developed admirably, works on IOS and Android platforms. Excellent online support. Very fast answers. I am very satisfied!

Tabacco Digitale

Assistance is always available; the App exactly meets our needs!

Linea Diciotto

The best module to create an iOS and Android App for your Ecommerce Prestashop. Highly recommended

Developed by Mobile App experts

The Mr Shop module was created by Mr APPs srl, the renowned App Agency with 10 years experience
in the design and development of native iOS & Android Mobile Apps

500+ Mobile Apps created

Three Million Downloads received

Selected by Apple for the WWDC

Google Partner for App Development

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Frequent questions

Do I need to install the Mr Shop plugin myself?

The plugin installation on your Prestashop backoffice is very quick & easy and don’t requires any technical knowledge. You can install the plugin as any others plugin for Preastshop.

What happens to my app when a new iOS or Android OS version is launched?

Our team of app developers are constantly making improvements to the apps, by adding new features for free and updating the app for the latest versions. So don’t worry, you can just sit-back and relax with any new updates.

Are there additional costs?

No one! But if you want to publish your app into the app stores using by your own Apple & Google developers accounts you will have to buy these licence: Google Play Developer license for $25 one-time fee and Apple developer license for $99 per year.

How much time the Mr Shop plugin setup request?

It is up to you but generally no more than 1 hour.

When do I start paying for my app?

When you’ll complete your App Mobile configuration you will able to choose the subscription plan thats fit your needs to generate e publish your app. Your first payment will process at end of the trial period.

Which Ecommerce platforms Mr Shop plugin support?

Right now we have a deep integration just with Prestashop but we are currently working to suit Mr Shop to other major Ecommerce Platform like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

Do I need a separate Payment Service Provider for the app?

No. Our plug-in will detect and automatically use the payment gateways installed in your website, including (but not limited to) PayPal, BrainTree, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Red sys, PayPlug, Nexi and many others. You can check all the supported payment modules

How long does it take to publish the apps?

If the configuration was successful, app publication takes about two working weeks: the first for generation and testing of basic functionalities of both apps and the second in which, once everything is confirmed, we will send the app for approval and wait the technical times of iOS and Android teams.

Is it possible that the app will not be published?

If the configuration has not been done correctly, it’s not possible to send the app for approval and therefore proceed with publication. Make sure you have correctly followed all the required steps. The publication of the apps could be rejected for the following reasons: (A) The application is not comply with the guidelines required by App Store and Play Store; (B) questionable content or considered illegal. NB. Typically, applications are rejected if they involve smoking products and if they encourage the consumption of tobacco, vaping products, soft drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol, as stated in the store guidelines.

Is it possible to have a demo of my app?

You can download our Demo Manager app for iOS and Android by clicking on the relative links, scan the QR code generated within the module on your Prestashop backoffice and you’ll be able to see a fully working demo of your Ecommerce directly on your device. It is also possible to view a quick preview during the module configuration, to give you in real time a graphic correspondence of your parameters.

Will the app and my ecommerce site be synchronized?

The app will be generated with the basic features of a Prestashop Ecommerce (catalog,product list, search, cart, registration, login, user profile, supported payment methods,couriers, etc ...) perfectly synchronized with your E-commerce. Being fully native apps every custom modules must be analyzed separately for the integration.

Is it possible to publish the app using my Apple and Google Developer account?

Yes, it is possible by subcribing the “Advanced” plan.